Every Entrepreneur’s Biggest Mistake (and How To Avoid It!)

According to research, “66% of new products fail within 2 years, and 96% of all innovations fail to deliver any return on a company’s investment.” Harvard Business Review recently surveyed 120 entrepreneurs on what their biggest mistake had been with a product or service launch.  Continue reading


How to Tell a Great Story

Who doesn’t love a good story? A well-told tale will grip us, excite us, engross us in a fictional world filled with compelling characters. This is no accident. The greatest stories, from children’s nursery rhymes to major blockbuster movies, are all the results of painstaking planning and design.  Continue reading

In Our Professional Life as in Dating, It’s All About “Find. Get. Keep.”

The dating world is inundated with promises of harmonious matching algorithms and lasting true love. Equally, there’s a plethora of recruitment websites and headhunting companies claiming to be best placed to find the best talent for organizations, and the best job for professionals. In fact, it seems the whole Human race is after something to conquer and keep.  Continue reading