Sonia Araujo is a self-proclaimed product management crusader.

For her, product management is about the holistic business management of products. She is passionate about delivering outstanding value to the business, its customers and industry.

From a young age, Sonia has always had an insatiable curiosity about life and thirst for learning. And she vows never to desist!

The Journey Thus Far
Sonia’s diverse experience has given her a unique grasp on business and people. A chemical engineer by education, she delved into bioprocess computer modelling for her PhD.

She then pivoted into business and product management, co-founding (and later selling) an e-learning company in the UK that aimed to revolutionize workplace learning in the hospitality, healthcare and manufacturing sectors. Her company was recognized in 2005 with the E-learning Industry Award for Outstanding Achievement.

From e-learning, Sonia moved to the life sciences space, after a well-deserved break travelling. She created a novel drug safety SaaS (Software as a Service) solution from concept, which she nurtured through to maturity. In the process, Sonia became a drug safety / pharmacovigilance expert across Europe, the US and Japan, which added further speaking engagements and publications to her professional experience.

After another pause for reflection and a short stint in the social learning space, Sonia returned to life sciences. She is currently Chief Product Officer at Your.MD, a Big Data, mHealth start-up, aiming to put “a doctor in every pocket” for every global citizen.

Outside Work
Outside work, you will find Sonia hiking up a mountain, ideally in the Himalayas or South America, donning her beloved crampons. Closer to home, you may bump into her at a Secret Cinema production.

About This Blog
This blog contains posts that are either Sonia’s own writing, or Sonia’s commentary on articles and blog posts that she finds interesting. There is a simple categorization in this blog – Product Management, Business, Life Sciences and Technology posts are easily perused via the main navigation menu.

Contact Details
Sonia is based in London, UK. You can reach her on email, LinkedIn and About.Me; you can follow her on Twitter @ProductSonia.