How to Tell a Great Story

Who doesn’t love a good story? A well-told tale will grip us, excite us, engross us in a fictional world filled with compelling characters. This is no accident. The greatest stories, from children’s nursery rhymes to major blockbuster movies, are all the results of painstaking planning and design. 

Andrew Stanton – the Pixar writer and director behind Toy Story and WALL-E – shared his thoughts and expertise on this in his TED Talk “The clues to a great story.”

Andrew’s golden rules for telling a great story are:
1. Make me care
2. Take me with you
3. Be intentional 
4. Let me like you
5. Delight me

In association with TED, Brazilian magazine “Superinteressante” (meaning “Super Interesting”) visualized Andrew’s insights in a great infographic. 

Some great insights there to be used in Business, Marketing, Creative Media and ‘Life’ alike.

Full story here.

[First published 12 Nov 2013 on BraveNewTalent; edited]