A Day in the Life of a Product Manager

Here’s another “what is product management” article. I like this one as it summarizes views and experiences voiced by professionals at an industry event – The General Assembly in Los Angeles. It mentions obvious points. For example, that product managers… 

  • are “the glue”, balancing client expectations and business needs
  • ensure the team isn’t just focused on attractive design, but make sure the user experience is just as important
  • relay the abstract to engineering to ensure the delivered product is as intended.

Then the gems start from a panel discussion had at the event. Here are some of my highlights (direct quotes or paraphrasing thereof).

– Sometimes, there’s actually data overload. When you spend large chunks of time (and resources) looking at data, you begin to wonder what you’re watching and what information is really worth gathering.

– A product manager doesn’t necessarily need to be highly technical. But you need to understanding lingo to work with engineer teams.

– Always understand the “why” of the user.

– Build, get feedback, and fail fast. Fail again. Re-build.

And the panelists’ final thoughts?

“Product management can be extremely high pressure. Your role is a focal point for multiple departments with very different needs: tech, design, business, executive; and with your attention and priority being pulled in every which direction, it can really break you.”

“But for those who have the passion (and not just interest), it allows creativity. It is actually fun and ultimately provides a deeply satisfying experience.”

Oh yes! 🙂

Full article here.

[First published 20 Nov 2013 on BraveNewTalent; edited]