10 Examples of Flawed Product-First Thinking

This is a great post from Hutch Carpenter (@bhc3) on the obvious premise of business – to create something that helps fulfill a need or desire. The thing is, whilst it sounds like common sense, it’s not always done that way. 

As Hutch says, often times “exercising creative chops was the focus, with a thought that customers would have to take up this amazing thing invented.” 

Hutch gives 10 examples to illustrate how easy it is to get into the “product-first thinking” dynamic.

1. Because Apple, Microsoft, Google did it!
2. The “what you can do for us” attitude
3. Dazzled by the invention
4. Same template, different market
5. Blaze a new trail
6. What Steve Jobs said
7. My business model demands your attention
8. Solution in search of a problem
9. We’ll get to those customers at some point
10. Dazzled by the innovator and the hot trends

Full article here.

[First published 07 Nov 2013 on BraveNewTalent; edited]